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Executive Summary
Lead the Charge is a collaborative new initiative bringing together diverse local, national, and global organizations calling on automakers to radically transform their supply chains to be equitable, sustainable and 100% fossil free. Tailpipe emissions are on their way out, but if we’re to stay on a 1.5°C emissions pathway and not repeat poor business-as-usual practices, from mining to manufacturing, we need to urgently focus on the auto supply chain too. The EV transition presents an unprecedented opportunity we cannot let pass us by to rebuild supply chains for the better – for local communities, workers, Indigenous Peoples, the environment, and the climate.

Our supply chain leaderboard shows there is action already underway:

  • Mercedes leads the charge overall with many of the best human rights policies and practices, and fossil-free and environmentally sustainable supply chain investments;
  • Volvo is the stand-out steel and aluminum leader, and overall on fossil-free and environmentally responsible supply chains; and
  • Ford shows affordable automakers can do it too, ranking top on transition minerals and worker rights, plus some initial announcements on fossil free and environmentally sustainable steel and battery metals.
  • VW, as a top 2 global auto, has important targets and policies overall, but has not shown as many concrete specifics as others. But there is still a long way to go:
  • Toyota, the other top 2 global auto and former green darling now biggest EV laggard, is way behind on their supply chain too.
  • Tesla, the original and still EV leader, has been making progress on batteries and responsible sourcing, including one of the few automakers acknowledging Indigenous rights, but is falling short elsewhere – with their sustainable energy mission, fossil-free and sustainable supply chains are a significant opportunity for Tesla to lead all over again.